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Confusing Emotions After Assault Pt 1

Warning: Please do not read further if sexual trauma is too much of a trigger. I understand.  It is not my intention to poke at old wounds, or prompt anxiety and nightmares. I myself have needed a few breaks from writing this as it really messes up my head.  These words - my small voice - I’ll share primarily for those who believe. You, the strong-willed survivors, ready to discuss, support, spread awareness and address puzzle pieces which are misunderstood. You comprehend that all sex assault cases don't appear in cookie cutter form, recognizable at once. Perhaps your own was unbelievable. It's for the empaths and activists, here with an open heart and mind. For me, unravelling the pain and confusion publicly for the first time. Off my shoulders, and into the big wide world.  This is not revenge, nor The Dirty. I’m very against online bullying.  My abusers won’t lose jobs prospects, their family/friendships, have their facial identity revealed or be outwardly affected