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Racist, Violent And Sexist Quotes by Doomsday Prophet, William Branham

Wikipedia photo of William Marrion Branham   Racism Hybreeding, hybreeding, oh, how terrible, hybreeding. ...What white woman would want her baby to be a mulatto by a colored man? -   1960, Nov 13. Condemnation By Representation . The earth, itself, is a womb. Where did God place His seeds? Where is seeds put? In a womb. God put seeds. And what does man do? Like devils, in a womb, he'll make a child deformed if he can. That's what devils has done on the earth, hybreeding , making creatures, is not so. I'd better leave off of that; I'll never get to the rest of this here, I got wrote down. You know what I mean. That's the reason there's a deformed creation about to be cast. God is finished with it. The world is all out of order. Everything is wrong. The streams are polluted. The air is polluted. Filth! Stink!  - 1962, Apr 1. Wisdom Versus Faith What are we doing when nations are breaking, the sea roaring, man's heart failing for fear, perplexed of time, all

The Books That Shaped Me

            We were never short of literature. Borrowed, inherited, or bought, they substituted modern entertainment. Rules varied. Mom hated A Wrinkle in Time and The Hobbit; though allowed at times, Little Women or Anne of Green Gables she begrudgingly called Women’s Lib,  Feminism.  Harry Potter was way off the wish list.  The Chronicles Of Narnia were not only encouraged, my father interpreted Biblical types and shadows throughout the classic fantasy novels and used this to his advantage when gaining followers for his own movement within The Message. The Lion was God, and The Witch was The Devil. Dearest C.S. Lewis knew that getting children to read religious books might be impossible, so he retold Christianity in fantasy form . So he’d say .  Yet, I was pleased he found them so and in these books, I escaped reality. The magical Wardrobe led way to a forest similar to the  one I explored; except in drab real-life there were no Fauns or talking animals, just the bubbling creek, the