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How Estranged Are They?

Playing the game Risk with my siblings around Christmas time Phone camera shots of blurry photographs, in an album I’m not allowed to see. That’s all I have.  Josephine is a saint for doing so. I don’t even have a baby photo, though since my son’s birth I pleaded.  I barely remember what I looked like as a baby, and I’d love to see the similarities in us. I want to show him. The last I heard a brother, the same who refused to go on Dr. Phil, destroyed all photographs of me, infant ones included. I have a small file on my computer that I’ll be sharing with you, until they run out. My sister understands pain that my brothers and father wouldn’t; the sexism of a cult she hasn’t seen through yet. She was never dubbed Slut or Dogmeat as she didn’t wear foundation but she suffered, her voice unheard. I’m ever so glad that she’s forgiven me for my anger, my nasty teenage words. All the learned behaviour: the yelling, the screaming. Turning to inappropriate humor as some means of therapy, amus