Dear Women Who Want To Leave The Message


Ladies, all that you've dreamed of is on the other side of fear.  
You fear Hell. You fear demon possession by music, even music with good beats and happy lyrics just because it falls under the category of secular. You fear that you'll betray your family if you leave or that they will betray you, disown you. You fear you'll starve on your own. I did. You fear you'll be lonely. You fear you'll be vulnerable to predators. 

How can you survive without knowing who's good or who's bad? It's so easy at Church. The ones in your congregation are safe and everything outside of that is evil. You fear you'll have to break up your family and negatively impact your children. You fear you might even lose your adult children. You fear you'll never find love again. How will you get past the insecurity you might feel in a relationship where women's bodies are accepted? Where a female in clothes revealing her knees or shoulders in front of a significant other is normal? A real man has eyes for you, anyway.

It will be gradual, difficult, and liberating should you choose life. Your life, today, now, while you breathe. Life in this present, awe-inspiring world. Not the supposed eternal life they promise if you follow the rules exactly as they tell you to, which we know can be so confusing when each person's conviction varies. 

You can show your family the happiness you've achieved. You can lead by example. You can reach out to support networks and resources. I will help you with that. I'm making this my life's work so yes, I mean it! 

You can continue to believe in God or spirituality, if you choose. 

You can find your true personality, your taste in clothes and hairstyles. You can be as pretty as you want! You can ditch the clear gloss/mascara and add some color to your life. Does a subtle difference in your appearance condemn your kind soul to forever punishment? I'd say if your body truly is a temple of God, then heck, paint it like they do most temples. You don't have to do a dramatic look, either. Well, you can do whatever you want because YOU decide. Nobody will yell at you from a pulpit.

You can vote. You can choose the friends you want. Entertainment and activities such as movies, bowling, dancing, swimming in a swimsuit, won't be a sin. You can choose any career, think of that. You can finally celebrate Christmas, trees, lights, toasting, cheerful Santa stories for your children, everything. 

You can be with someone who is not your race. You can birth gorgeous babies without being told, No one would want a mulatto...You can leave behind the pain of belting your fragile children. I know it hurts you, and most importantly, them too. No more welts, no more bruises.

I believe in Hell. 

Let me tell you the closest thing I've experienced to Hell was not in my near-death experience. It was here on Earth. It was in the Message. They preach about chains while limiting you with their own. 

Photoshoot 2017

Now I am free.

I have a committed relationship, I have a family. I'm secure in myself and my life. The outside is not as scary as it used to be. I trust my gut and give ordinary people a chance. People with opposite views from me are not shamed, hurt, ostracized. I accept every race, many cultures, and marrying the person you love.

I'm safe. 

Please come join me on the road to freedom, self-love, and happiness.  

This link may help you to leave your toxic home situation. Services offered may apply to emotional abuse if the physical is absent. I have personal experience with these organizations however they are Canada wide only.

One question for the steadfast believer: Have you heard of the term sexist? Wouldn't you say William Branham calling everyday women Dog Meat is degrading to those just trying to look their best? I challenge you to rethink all you've learned.He himself admits it's awful in this video clip 

In this video, he's angrier 

Curious reader, here is more on his racism 

And his condoning of assault


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