Yes, that girl is me, wearing my Sunday best. I was very different then from the woman I am now, and not just in the ordinary ‘I grew up’ sort of way. I’ve crossed mountains to get here, suffered the darkest of childhoods (don’t let smiles fool you), and almost lost my life countless times in the chaos that followed, and yet somehow, I made it to safety. Here I am, in a simple quiet life with my spouse and young son, spending many valued moments close to the ocean waves.

I’m a stay-at-home mom, a memoirist, and well - a blogger. I was hoping to get back into the film industry, one job above all others that I loved, but Covid struck right when this mama was ready. Poor timing, go figure. The beauty of it all is that I’ve instead become laser-focused on what I believe is part of my life’s purpose - to share a story that’s origins go back three decades. My story, The Girl Who Lived To Tell. 

I was born into Branhamism. Have you heard of it? No, probably not, unless introduced and brainwashed by another one of the Christian world’s dirty secrets. I escaped the worst of it. My family were not the soft-spoken, middle-class followers that often surrounded us, those who were socialized and active in cult events. Even we were different from the different people. But I know there are more like us, because of my early childhood friend, Janice. 

You see, we didn’t start out in isolation, like in this picture. We lived in the Townhomes, a government welfare complex close to other Believers and it was here that I met Janice. She was 5, slightly younger than me, and had a tanned square nose and wavy pigtails. She later died. Not by some freak accident, either. At 13, she committed suicide. Why? She never told us. But from the information I received I am suspicious that severe childhood abuse had something to do with it, so easily kept under the disguise of ‘spanking.’

All kids were ‘spanked.’ Ask any Message-believing child. (Followers refer to this cult as The Message, Message of The Hour, or End-Time Believer’s Fellowship). Some more than others, of course. The parents would say ‘spare the rod and spoil your son’ or even the Prophet’s words would come out as ‘I’d beat my daughter with a 2 by 4 til the skin came off.’ In Janice’s case, that abuse went from physical to sexual. I witnessed it. Sadly, there was no justice for her. She’s the inspiration for why I write today and also because there was little justice for me. Is there anyone out there brave enough to share the same?

If you are a Message person reading this, please understand I have no hate toward you. I have family members still involved and I love them very much. It’s not always black and white; not everyone in a cult is bad. Some are just blinded to the truth and thankfully, some don’t act very culty. I pray that one day you will see this, too.

  Who Would Want To Read A Sad Story?

When I picked up Jacycee Lee Dugard’s book, A Stolen Life, I was a drug addict, suicidal, and living in ‘The Big City.’ I’m not sure what compelled me but I’d wallowed in my own misery for some time and was perhaps ready to hear about other people’s pain and how they coped with it. I was astounded. How could anyone write with such detail about their own rape and kidnapping? Who would want to read that? Even more astonishing, she barely had an education locked away all those years and it showed in her writing style. 

I loved her book.

So, yeah, me, I wanted to read that. I wanted to because she made it very clear from the beginning what her purpose was: to not allow those who shamed her to think she’d hide their atrocities for them. And, to help other survivors feel that they are not alone.

From that moment on, in 2012, I started piecing together my own book. I’m now drug-free, for 4 years, coming up on Nov 16.

Thank you, Jaycee.

If you haven’t read Jaycee’s story and would like to, it’s here:

Photoshoot 2019

More On Life Now

It’s not a sad story if it has a happy ending, right? But my ending is not finished and never will be til the day I leave this Earth. I am proactive in creating the happiness I’ve so longed for, to be the parent I always wished I had, and to relive every bit of childhood through my son’s eyes. Nothing’s perfect and never will be, but I’ve come so far. I am grateful. I realize this won’t be the scenario for everyone but I can truly say my son saved me.

What’s Next

I hope to share this with you with updated posts weekly. It keeps me in writing mode and it’s safe to say that’s my passion! I’m currently reading Writer’s Market 2020 and have one particular agent in mind right now to whom I am customizing a query letter and book proposal. She specializes in Social Justice/Memoir and has a Christian background. I find a lot of Christians are drawn to cult memoirs but don’t be mistaken, my writing is not religious. I think most people would assume such a memoir might have preachy undertones but I promise, mine does not. In my personal life, I feel I am on a spiritual path to discovering myself and I do retain some Christian values (have mutual respect for my Christian friends) but naturally I am cautious. That being said, without going off topic, I’m super excited about sending it off in the coming week or so!

Here is an example of my query: 

Dear ——

A child is told she has no future. Born into the doomsday cult that inspired Jonestown, Rebekah comes of age and flees The Farm. Rebellious and uneducated, she’s now trapped on a rollercoaster: poverty, sex work, drugs, underground gang operations, murder, con men, PTSD, billionaire dates, accomplishments, failures, and travel, but no certain path. She must escape again or die.

The Girl Who Lived To Tell: A Memoir will break your heart and mend it. Its scenes are packed with unthinkable action and soul-felt experiences at just over 80,000 words. 

Market and Platform Opportunity

Public interest regarding women’s issues shows to be extensive. Proceeding the Me Too Movement, more survivors bravely share their accounts of sexism and assault. Here we have a mid-1900s influencer the media has not analyzed but whose taped lectures on the modern woman still circulate worldwide and sponsor abuse toward them. Such damage often lasts a lifetime!

  Many renounced the late prophet, William Branham, after a community scandal manifested in recent years. and are factual Christian campaigns founded by the excommunicated author, John Collins, his followers into the thousands. He welcomes my book promotion here. I believe these readers will appreciate my eye-opening narrative and add it to their bookshelves. It is not religious, however, and can fit the above-mentioned market in Social Justice/Memoir. 

Through John Collins’ personal contacts, I await interviews from The Globe and Mail, News Intervention, Toronto Star, etc. Hollywood film producer and friend, Gabriel Napora, voices his fascination as well.

My current home is on Canada’s coast, with my spouse and toddler son; I host a growing blog. Thank you, please consider.

Do you have an opinion? Let me know what you thinkDon’t forget to subscribe if you’d like to know more. It’s the button underneath the heading at the top of the page.

See you next time!


  1. I wish you the best with the editor and publisher!!!! Great job sharing your pain and experience and how you are rising above it

  2. Good for you for sharing your story.

  3. So glad our paths met and we have something in common. 😍💓

  4. Glad you came across my blog about William Branham. I felt for you during your testimony and am thankful to God he brought you out of that cult. Here is my website link giving all I know about the cult and why it is false. Read the first page and than click on enter at the Bottom which will take you to my link page. Choose any of the subjects. Pray you will enjoy it. God bless you.

    1. So glad you too are putting work into exposing this man. I will check out your site. Thank you so much.

  5. Sending lots of love & support to you! I too am a cult survivor! Stay strong, keep speaking your truth, telling your story & healing your soul!!

  6. I'm at a loss for words. I'm sorry this didn't suit you. I believe The Message wholeheartedly as a 16 year old girl who is grateful for my upbringing. Some people just aren't destined to believe this for the rest of their lives, and the amount of true believers like my family and the family of my dad's close friend is diminishing undoubtedly, narrowing down to the very elect. To call what I believe in "cultist", "brainwashing", "culty" and "dirty" is just plain rude. In no way am I completely detached from this article though; I myself have had suicidal thoughts, but not in anyway related to how I live my life, but rather because of others in the outside world and how they treated me and my own emotional fragility from ostracisation. If we were to look at the Bible on its own, with no other factors involved, you will find that everything within the pages is everything Brother Branham stood for. Although very disagreeable for those that have "run away" from it or "pick and mix" the Bible to suit them, only a true Christian will stand by every word, every verse, every book in that Bible no matter what society says. I understand what I've written may seem insensitive to the topics that were covered in the article, but I mean every word I'm saying from the bottom of my heart and pray that one day you will see the Light. ����

    God bless you richly

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